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Raging Fire Causes Building to Collapse in Tehran

A historic high-rise building in the heart of Iran’s capital caught fire and later collapsed Thursday, killing at least 30 firefighters and leaving their stunned colleagues and bystanders weeping in the streets.
The disaster at the 17-story Plasco building, inadvertently shown live on state television, came after authorities said they repeatedly warned tenants about blocking stairwells with fabric from cramped garment workshops on its upper floors.
Firefighters, soldiers and other emergency responders dug through the debris into the night, looking for survivors. While it was not clear how many people were in the steel-and-concrete building, witnesses said many had slipped through a police cordon while the fire burned to go back inside for their belongings.
“They asked us … using loudspeakers to evacuate the building, but some people went inside again, saying their precious documents, their bank checks, their entire life was in their shops,” said witness Masoud Hosseini. “They went inside to fetch those documents. I felt like they cared about their belongings, checks and money more than their lives.
“Firefighters went inside to bring them out, and then suddenly the building collapsed,” Hosseini said.

Blindfolded Martial Arts Demonstration Gone Wrong

India : The man wearing a blindfold was challenged to smash pieces of fruit laid out on the ground around the volunteers’ bodies
” A blindfolded martial arts master accidentally slammed a sledgehammer in a trusting volunteer’s face in the middle of an incredibly dangerous stunt.
The man wearing the blindfolded had been challenged to smash objects – including water melons and cans of fizzy drinks – that had been laid out on the ground.
But to make the task even harder, three willing volunteers were also on the ground, just inches away from the targets.
The clip shows the man wearing an orange blindfold and bringing the sledgehammer down to the ground with considerable force. “